Your Land Is Being Attacked!

30 to 50 feral hogs -- roughly -- have suddenly invaded your yard! Take up your assault weapon & protect your family!


  • Mouse-only (works on mobile!)
  • Click to shoot
  • Kill between 30 and 50 hogs per round to proceed to the next round
  • Black hogs are standard
  • Baby hogs move slower, but are harder to hit
  • Red hogs will attack you!
  • Remember to reload by clicking on your gun


Why did you make this game?

To express concern over the issue of feral hog attacks.

Should you ever shoot more than 50 feral hogs at a time?

Absolutely never.

What is the protagonist's name?


Where are the hogs from?


Where does the game take place?

A long, long way from there.


Design & Development:
Silent Tower Games LLC

Pixel art:
kev kev irmayr



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Ha Ha, the gameplay is kinda weird (I know this is far from your other games) but the Q and A is the best!